Dear Traveler,

We hope that you will enjoy your visit to Bulgaria as much as we enjoy showing it to you! We have traveled many places around the world and we know that visiting certain of them with a local guide makes a big difference from visiting without a guide. This is especially valid for sightseeing places with rich historical background and for places without much information displayed in English or other than Bulgarian languages.
We also know that the problem usually is the extra money we have to pay for a live guide. So we came up with the idea for sharing the extra money for a tour guide in Bulgaria with more people, willing to visit some interesting places. Additionally we use our own vehicles (vans and minibuses) but keep the groups small (maximum 16 people) so that all people can hear and see well.
Koprivshtitsa today is a little-known from tourists historic village some 120-130 km away from the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, and it is a charming small town with big history and even more important Bulgarian patriots born there. If you would like to learn and see more from the authentic Bulgaria and certainly enjoy a relaxed day out in the crispy fresh air of Sredna gora (Middle mountain), you are welcome to join our day tour from Sofia twice a week from April to October.
The scenic road is now in perfect condition, it takes you to Koprivshtica in about two hours and leaves you with great views along the Balkan mountain. Green pastures, authentic towns and villages, high mountain peaks - this is just some of the scenery to Koprivshtica.
Sine we love taking loop trips, we take a different road back to Sofia which is less suspension-friendly, but gives you the opportunity to visit a Thracian tomb in Starosel learning quickly about the ancient Thracian civilization in our Bulgarian lands.
You can easily combine this wonderful day tour from Sofia with one of our other suggestions: Plovdiv and Backovo day tour (every Tuesday and Friday) and Rila Monastery day tour (every day, all year round).

When: every Thursday and Sunday (April - October)
Where: 9:00 behind Alexander Nevski church (in fron of Mamma mia restaurant)
Operated by: V Travel minivan fleet 
How much: 35 € per person; 30 € per person (groups of 6 + persons); children 1-16 years old: 30 €
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Special event! Do not miss the celebration of the 137th anniversary from the famous April uprising, celebrated largely every year in Koprivshtitsa, the place where the revolution against the Turks started in 1876!
Only on the 1st and 2nd of May 2014!