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Trekking and hiking tours in Bulgaria are among the most popular activities. V travel is happy to offer you hiking treks  in the most popular mountains, located in the south-western part of the country - Vitosha, Rila, Pirin and Rodopi Mountains. Our experienced English-speaking guides can adjust the hiking itineraries according to your personal physical condition and wishes because Bulgarian mountains offer a very good variety of landscape, trails and departure points.

Seven Rila Lakes Trekking Tour                                   Prices: from 49 Eur per person

This bestselling 1-day trekking destination is very accessible from Sofia, there is a chair lift that takes you straight to about 2000 meters above sea level and allows for an easy hike to the 5th highest lake and a moderate hike up to Lake Peak at around 2700 m. Even children (5 years old or more) are welcome to join this amazing views walk to Rila Mountain!

 NEW in 2018: Shuttle Tour every Sunday for 49€ per person with guaranteed departure, mountain guide, transfer and chair lift included! Check our combined day trip from Sofia (Rila Lakes + Rila Monastery) if you only have 1 day to visit.

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Maliovitsa Trekking Tour                                             Prices: from 49 Eur per person

Maliovitsa is the most alpine-looking part of Rila, the highest mountain in Bulgaria. The hike to Maliovitsa peak (2729 meters above sea level) is strenuous, but well worth the efforts. It will take you to a less crowded part of the mountain where most local rock climbers learn to climb and exercise before their high-altitude expeditions. Maliovitsa hike will reward you with stunning views of lakes and peaks, a view of Rila Monastery from the top of the mountain alone is unforgettable...We offer now an alternative Via Ferrata climb overlooking the valley.

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Musala Peak Trekking Tour                                          Prices: from 49 Eur per person

Moussala (2925m or 9596 feet) is the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula (sixth in Europe) and climbing to the top is very accessible using a gondola lift from Borovets ski resort. The up and down hike will reward with a nice trail, beautiful lakes and snow even in the summer. It is the coldest place in Bulgaria with an average of -3C and it is situated in Rila National Park.

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Vitosha Walking Tour                                                 Prices: from 29 Eur per person

Vitosha and it highest peak Cherni vruh (2290 m or 7513 feet) is the mountain of Bulgarian capital - Sofia. It is very accessible, allowing you a quick escape from the city noise, summer heat and pollution to the beautiful stone rivers (Moreni) or a cup of tea on the top. Vitosha is the oldest National Park in Bulgaria and it is very frequently visited by citizens and guests of Sofia, especially in the summer and it allows you to use various routes and trails.

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Vitosha Snowshoes Tour 

Vitosha - the lungs of the city of Sofia - offers a quick escape to the nature only about 40 minutes drivIng. The mountain is a very popular destination both in Summer and Winter and now we can offer a wonderful snowshoes experience for crispy air and breath-taking views over the city. We will supply you with snowshoes, poles, mountain rescue insurance and mountain guide who will also offer you a hot cup of tea.

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Rodopi Walking Tour (3 Days)                                     Prices: from 199 Eur per person

The Rodopi Mountain is a fabulous easy terrain mountain which will grant you with stunning views, caves and river canyons. One of our favorite Bulgaria tours. One of Bulgarians' favorite places. The birthplace of Orpheus - a legendary musician, poet and prophet in ancient Greece. Rhodope mountains are like Orpheus songs - long, vast, round and welcoming... Trigrad river gorge is just charming.

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Rila and Pirin Walking Tour (3 Days)                           Prices: from 129 Eur per person

Rila and Pirin mountains are Bulgaria's most visited and highest mountains with stunning views, lakes, alpine relief, unspoiled nature and rocks. During this 3 day hiking tour in Rila and Pirin, you will climb Musala peak, Lake peak (Seven Rila Lakes view point) and Vihren peak (Pirin's first peak). These Rila and Pirin alpine hiking treks are more suitable for people that are used to walk for 5-7 hours a day uphill and downhill, but all the effort is worth it, we guarantee!

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Rila, Pirin and Rodopi Trekking Tour (5 Days)                 Prices: from 199 Eur per person

If you book Rila, Pirin and Rodopi hiking tour, you will see the best of Bulgarian hiking treks and places. You will enjoy wonderful view points, you will meet local people and you will relax in the peaceful high altitude atmosphere of unspoiled nature, pure air and great sunshine. On this hiking tour in Bulgaria you will see Malyovitsa (alpine climbers'paradise) or Moussala (highest Balkan peak), Trigrad canyon and caves, Vihren (the highest Pirin peak) and of course the most visited Seven Rila Lakes cirque in Rila.

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