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Skopje (FYROM) Macedonia Day Tour

Skopje Overview

Skopje, the largest city in FYROM, will amaze you with its long and captivating history, which has been shaped from its turbulent past. The city has always been desired from the empires, which have been fighting for supremacy above it and to proclaim it part of their lands. Thus Skopje today is unique in its charming diversity, found and revealed in front of you behind every corner.

The history of Skopje starts with the settlements of the Thracians and the establishing of the fortress of Scupi. Since then the town has changed its sovereign numerous times, being part of the Roman, Byzanatine, Bulgarian and for a short period, of the Serbian countries.

The Ottomans will conquer the city in 1392. They will change the name to Uskub and the place will convert into unique of its kind town, which will be called home from numerous Ottomans, Bulgarians and Albanians.

In 1912, the city will be liberated from the Ottomans during the First Balkan war and eventually become a part of the Serbian country. During the two world wars will be eventually given to the Bulgarian country, before in the end to became part and a capital of the Macedonian Federation in the Yugoslavian socialistic republic. The city will start growing rapidly in economic and industrial way.

Unfortunately a huge earthquake in 1963 has destroyed a huge part of the town, leaving more than 100 000 people without homes. Skopje managed to recover quickly from it, just in time to become a capital of the Independent country of Macedonia.

Your Day in Skopje (FYROM)

The departure is early, somewhere around 8.00 depending on your hotel pick up time, because the driving time is 4 hours each way and the border cross may take a while. On the way to Macedonia, we will use the picturesque road via Osogovo mountains, one of the most beautiful mountain range both in Bulgaria and Macedonia. Somewhere around 11.30 (10:30 local time), we will arrive in Skopje. We will start our walking tour with the Museum of the history of Skopje, dedicated specially to the city, housed in the old railway station. From there we will continue towards the Memorial house of mother Teresa and learn about the life of the amazing Macedonian women from Albanian origin.

At this moment our hunger for knowledge will be replaced by real for some good food. We will head towards the main square, to see the huge statue of Alexander the Great and to find a lovely restaurant on the south bank of Vardar river.

After lunch we will continue our walking tour on the other side of Vardar, crossing it via the Stone bridge - the oldest and the most famous bridge in Skopje, today marked as the symbol of the city. We then head towards the Old fortress, for some remarkable pictures of the city from the top. We will end with a visit of the old quarter and its famous church - St Saviour. After a small free time to buy some souvenirs, we head towards our car, without forgetting to pass by the huge buildings of Skopje 2014's project.

Around 15.30-16.00  we will depart from Skopje and arrive back in Sofia at around 19.30-20:00.

Start: 8:00h / End: 20:00h

Period: May - October; every Friday only!

Driving time: 7h 40m

Walking time: 2h 30m approx.

Handicap accessible: Yes, accessible.

Special requirements: Valid passport or ID and visa (when required) for cross-border point for FYROM.


1 person

2 persons

3 persons

4-5 persons

      6-18 persons


 159 Eur per person/ 312 BGN

 89 Eur per person/ 174 BGN

 79 Eur per person/ 155 BGN

69 Euro per person / 135 BGN

59 Eur per person / 116 BGN

      The tour price includes: transfer to/from your hotel/accommodation in Sofia, guide in English, parking fees, entrance fees. Meals and personal expenses not included. Small group tour. Private option +30%. Children (1-16yrs) 20% discount.


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