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Ruse and Bucharest Tour (3 Days)

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Make a trip combining two of the most beautiful cities of Bulgaria and Romania, named because of the architecture the small Vienna – Ruse and small Paris – Bucharest. We will send you back in the wealthy era of 19th century. Feel the atmosphere of the aristocracy and ideas of the Enlightenment period, which were flooding these places trough the Danube river.    

Ruse Overview

Ruse has a prehistorical period with artefacts proving its strategic location - imported pottery from the Greek world (6th-5th century BC). The importance of the place was significantly increased after the Roman conquest. It became the main river military navy port. That is why it was named “Port of a sixty ships”. The name Ruse is given to the settlement during the pagan period of Bulgaria (7th-9th century). Later the size of the agglomeration was expanded north the city was increasing. After the conquest both sides of the river Danube were a center of the Enlightenment in Bulgarian lands. After peace was established Ruse became open to ideas stream by important role in the revolution organization, by making the connections with consulates of Austrian-Hungarian empire, Great Britain, Russian empire, Prussia, USA and others, the first rail road in Bulgarian lands was opened (Ruse - Varna). Also played an important role between rebels, immigrated and founded the Bulgarian revolution organization developed in Bulgaria. Most of the technology revolutions were adopted by Romania, and local suporters. After the Liberation In Ruse the  Pantheon of the fallen heroes was built. Until the Second World war Ruse was the wealthiest and beautiful city and certainly deserved the name “Small Vienna”.

Bucharest overview 

Bucharest has also prehistorical period. Archaeologically is proven the presence of the area of Dacians, Thracian tribe, populating the lands of today’s Romania during the Iron Age. The settlement is known in the narratives in XIVc., during the time of Mircae the Old, as a crossroad between Turgovishte and Gurgu. The city became cultural and political center during the reign of his grandson Vlad III the Impaler (famous as Drakula). It was chosen for a capital of Vlahia and was heavily fortified. As a capital of Romania was elected in 1821 and the flourishing period started. It was a magnet for many French architects and artists, which is the reason why is called at that time “Small Paris”. This glory was never damaged even during the Bulgarian and the German occupation in the time of First World War or the bombings of the Second World War. The city is very monumental and famous of the size of it’s buildings. The second biggest construction in the world is in Bucharest - the Parliament. The project was started by their last communist leader Cheushesko, but finished after his death. 

Your 3 Days in Ruse and Bucharest: 

Day 1: Start in the morning from hotel/airport form Sofia. We will drive in direction Ruse. After 4 hours of driving we will reach this beautiful city. We will park the car and start our walk in the center of "Small Vienna". We can visit the local Historical museum, holding a big private archaeological collection. We will visit one of the rich houses form the Enlightenment period, owned by a big family from Ruse (XIXc). Our walk will continue on the alley next to Danube river. After that we will have our lunch at a restaurant where you can try fresh river fish. Our next target will be the National museum of transport in which we will see the development of rail system in Bulgaria during the middle XIXc. Ruse is also famous with it's wineries, so we you will have the opportunity to make a wine tasting in a restaurant, which is situated in the main military fortress of the Ottomans. From there you can enjoy a wonderful view of the whole city. Dinner is optional in this restaurant. Our overnight will be in Ruse center. 

Day 2: After breakfast our journey will continue in Northern direction to Bucharest, the capital of Romania. After we cross the border at Danube bridge we will have just a 60 km. drive. You will have a guided tour of the city by a local Romanian guide. Prepare to see the second biggest building in the world - Romanian parliament. We will spend the day, exploring the city's beauties and then check in hotel close to the old part of Bucharest, famous with it's night life. 

Day 3: After breakfast we will start our journey back to Sofia. On the road back you visit one of the UNESCO sites in Bulgaria - Ivanovo cliff monastery and Cherven fortress, the main city in the area during XIII-XIVc. 

Note : The tour could be made in reverse from Bucharest. Depends on which airport you will depart. We can pick you up from Bucharest airport/hotel. The price will be the same. 

Start: 8:30/End: 18:30h

Recommended period: All year round, best period May-June (rose picking)

Driving time: 6h 30m approximately

Walking time: 1h 30m approximately

Handicap accessible: Yes, fairly accessible

Special requirements: Comfortable shoes


1 person

2 persons

3 persons

4-8 persons

           9-18 persons


899 € / 1762 BGN

 499 € per person 978 BGN

 349 € per person 684 BGN

299 € per person 587 BGN

249 € per person  488 BGN

             The tour price includes: transfer from and to your hotel/accommodation in Sofia/Bucharest, guide in English, parking fees, entrance fees (Ruse museums, Bucharest parliament and village museum), one night in Ruse and one night in Bucharest, breakfasts, live English speaking local Romanian guide,  Meals, personal expenses and tips are not included. Small group tour. Private option +30%. Children (1-16yrs) 20% discount.

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