2017 Rose Festival

Karlovo or Kazanlak Rose Festival 2017

Karlovo and Kazanlak Overview

Karlovo and Kazanlak are located about 180-200 km from Sofia along the beautiful and scenic road south of the Balkan range in the beautiful Kazanlak Valley of Roses.

Karlovo and Kazanlak are the center of rose-oil extraction in Bulgaria and the oil-producing rose  is one of the most widely recognizable national symbols. Bulgaria is the major supplier of rose oil in the world for the cosmetic industry and Kazanlak's rose gardens are the largest rose gardens in the whole world. Bulgaria is one of the very few places in the entire world that can grow this particular rose (Rosa Damascena or Rose from Damascus).

Kazanlak Rose Festival 2017 Program 

21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th of May - There will be attractive morning ritual Rose picking in a nearby villages, starting at 10:00 AM.  

2nd of June – This day is the main rose fest. The program starts form the morning with ceremony of rising the flag of Kazanluk. In the afternoon there will be International folklore demonstration on the main square. The highlight of the day’s schedule is the official opening of the 113th Rose Festival. The ceremony will includes fireworks show and concert. Because it starts at 20:30 we highly recommend an overnight in Kazanluk, or in a place nearby (depends of free hotels) and to continue your experience of the festival on the day after.   

3th of June – The day will start with ritual rose picking at 10:00 and will continue with the opening of a festival of wine Rose. You will have a great chance to learn a little bit about the Bulgarian traditional customs, because there will be some tasting and presentation called “The bread of the Bulgarians: ritual, customs and faith”.

4th of June – You will have the last chance to see and experience the ritual rose picking. It will start at 10:00 and after that we will see the main festival parade in the center of Kazanluk, which is a spectacular event. The day will end at 19:00 with ceremonial closing of the festival.


For each day during the festival we include in the price : transfer from and to your hotel/accommodation in Sofia, guide in English, parking fees, entrance fees of the pickings, Thracian tomb, Historical-archaeological museum of Kazanluk,  Rose distillery “Damascena”, where we will have time for lunch (optional) in a rose garden, which makes it a wonderful experience. 


Your Day In Karlovo or Kazanlak Rose Festival 2017 /May 20th-21st, 27th-28th,  June 2th-4th/

We start the day early from Sofia because the rose-picking ritual starts in the morning before the sun dries the rose petals.

9:00 Rose-picking in the rose gardens around Karlovo or Kazanlak. This beautiful ritual has been celebrated for over a century and includes local singing and dancing performances.

10:00 Karlovo or Kazanlak main square will be the scene for many local dances, singing and performance in traditional costumes. The performances are different every day. There will be singing, dancing and roses all over the town!

11:30 - 13:00 Visit of a local rose distillery where you can see the process of making rose oil and other rose products and where you will have the chance to taste most of them.

We will then have a quick lunch and in the afternoon we will drive to Kazanlak for a visit of the UNESCO Thracian tomb.

Return to Sofia around 19:00.

Join our small group tour with a professional English speaking guide for only 49 € per person!

Start: 7:00/End: 19:00h

Recommended period: May 21st-June 5th (rose picking period)

Driving time: 6h 30m approximately

Walking time: 1h 30m approximately

Handicap accessible: Yes, fairly accessible

Special requirements: Comfortable shoes

Price: 49 € / 96 BGN per person

The tour price includes: transfer from and to your hotel/accommodation in Sofia, guide in English, parking fees, entrance fees, participation in Rose Festival Karlovo or Kazanlak fee. Personal expenses, meals and drinks are not included.

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