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Plovdiv Shuttle Tour (including Assen Fortress)

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Free exclusive Samsung Virtual Reality Tour for 3 sites

Plovdiv overview

Plovdiv is one of the oldest European towns contemporary to Troya and Mikena. It has existed as a settlement for 8000 years and became a town some 3000 years ago during the Troyan war.  In 342 BC, it was conquered by Philip ІІ of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great, who renamed it Philippopolis or "the city of Philip" in his own honor. With the establishment of Bulgaria in 681 Philipopolis became an important border fortress of the Byzantine Empire. In 1364 the Ottoman Turks seized Plovdiv and called the city Filibe which comes from "Philip". In the historic heart of the city you will see beautifully decorated 19th century houses, the ancient fortress-wall, the Roman forum and stadium and magnificent churches. The city of Plovdiv with its museums, historical sites, ancient houses and paved streets will be proudly the European Capital of Culture in 2019.

Your Day in Plovdiv and Assen Fortress

In about 2 hours' drive you arrive in the center of Plovdiv and start to make your way to the old town on the cobblestone streets where you will visit some houses, the church, the Roman theater and stadium. In the beginning of our walk we can stop in an old house, where you can try local production of alcohol drinks and rose oil products. Also you will have chance to go back in time and see the ruins reconstructed by our Virtual reality googles. This 2 hour guided tour in English will take you to the main square in Plovdiv and between 13:00h and 15:00h you will have free time to explore the commercial part, have lunch or coffee along the main pedestrian street. At 15:00 you will meet your van and guide at the end of the main street in front of Ramada hotel for your 30 min drive to Assen Fortress. This beautiful medieval fortification will allow you to learn some history and take wonderful pictures from the top. At 16:00 your tour will be over and you will start your journey back to Sofia with an expected time of arrival at Alexander Nevski Square in Sofia around 18:30h.

Start: 9:00h / End: 18:00h

Recommended period: All year round

Driving time: 4h 30m approx.

Walking time: 3h approx

Handicap accessible: No

Special requirements: comfortable shoes (cobblestone streets)

Meeting point: Behind St. Alexander Neski cathedral in front of La Catedralle restaurant (see map below)


1 person

2 persons

3 persons

4-5 persons

      6-18 persons

Every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

35 € / 69 BGN

        35 € per person         69 BGN

   35 € per person       69 BGN

35 € per person                 69 BGN

30 € per person    59 BGN

          The price for Plovdiv Shuttle Tour includes: transfer to/from the meeting point in Sofia, guide in English throughout the whole day, Samsung Virtual Reality Goggles use, parking fees. Meals, personal expenses, entrance fees are not included (Plovdiv museums 6BGN per museum or 15BGN for all and Assen Fortress 4 BGN). Children (1-16yrs) 20% discount.


Meeting point 9:00 am behind St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral in front of La Cathedrala restaurant (please check the map below). Advance booking required. Please call "V Travel" at +359 2 989 5969 or mobile +359 899 321 986 to reserve seats before 17:30h.

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