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Perperikon Tour (2 Days)

 Plovdiv, Perperikon and Starosel - Discover Thracia

Area Overview

Thracia valley. Thrakia is a region and ancient country of the southeast Balkan Peninsula north of the Aegean Sea. In ancient times it extended as far north as the Danube River. The region was colonized by Greeks in the seventh century b.c. and later passed under the control of Rome, Byzantium, and Ottoman Turkey. Northern Thrace was annexed by Bulgaria in 1885, and eastern Thrace passed to Turkey in 1923.

Thracia or Trakia in Bulgarian is a name of a region in Bulgaria, a Roman province in the 1st century AD. The name comes from a great tribe that occupied Bulgarian lands 300-400 years BC and left an absolutely rich historical and religious heritage. The Thracian people were warlike people with a strong cult for the Horseman (Madara Horseman UNESCO), some of them are well known such as Spartacus, Orpheus and Justinian The Great - all of them born in Thrakia. 

Your 2 Days In Plovdiv and Thrakia Valley

On the first day we will start our Perperikon tour with a 3-4 hour drive from your Sofia hotel. This massive, huge megalithic stone structure - a cult Thracian  temple, medieval archaeological complex, roman fortress and temple, takes all our afternoon to explore and marvel. In the evening we will drive back North-East to Plovdiv, the biggest city in the Thracian valley. We will check-in into our Plovdiv hotel right next to the old town.

The next morning we will have a nice walk around the old town in Plovdiv, we will visit some nice Revival period houses, the Roman theater and stadium. After some good lunch along the relaxing pedestrian street in Plovdiv we will set back to Sofia via Starosel - amazing Thracian cult temple from the 4th century BC, discovered in 2000. 

Start: 9:00/End: 18:00h (next day)

Recommended period: All year round

Driving time: 9h 00m approximately

Walking time: 3h 30m approximately

Handicap accessible: Yes, fairly accessible

Special requirements: Comfortable shoes


1 person

2 persons

3 persons

4-8 persons

           9-14 persons


 229 Eur

 139 Eur per person

 119 Eur per person

99 Eur per person

89 Eur per person

             The tour price includes: transfer to/from your hotel/accommodation in Sofia, guide in English, parking fees, entrance fees, breakfast, nights in double rooms. Personal expenses, single room use, meals and  hotel upgrade are not included.

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