Professional multi-day guided tours in Bulgaria

Our large variety of Package Multi-dayTours offer you the perfect possibility to explore Bulgaria in depth for a few days in private or in a small group. The Package Tours include: A/C vehicle, English-speaking guide, accommodation in quality recommended hotels (including breakfast), fuel, parking and entrance fees for all the sightseeing places included in the tour.

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Meet The Locals (2 days)                                                                  from 99 € per person

Meet the locals in Bulgaria is a unique 2-day tour  which will take you to a small village nestled between the mountains of Rila, Pirin and Rhodope. On the way we will visit one of the UNESCO sites in Bulgaria- Rila Monastery, garnished with fresh grilled trout fro lunch. Our final destination for the day is a  village not far from Bansko (Bulgaria's famous ski resort) where you will learn the traditional weaving, cooking (making local pastry banitsa), singing and dancing customs. On the second day we will see Dobarsko church, try some unique Bulgarian wines in Melnik and admire the mountain views around Rozhen monastery, before we get back to Sofia.

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Balkan Loop (Nis, Skopje and Sofia in 2 days)                                     from 149 € per person

After more than 10 years of experience and after having met many many travelers from all over the world, our team came up with the idea to offer this busy but colorful tour to Serbia and Macedonia from Sofia. You will have the chance to understand and see why Balkan countries are different than the rest of Europe and why Balkan people have more history than they can handle...

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Balkan Super Loop Tour (Nis, Skopje, Pristina &Prizren in 3 days)               from 399 € per person

A brilliant tour for fast-paced travelers that will give you a solid idea of the Balkans and a few more stamps in your passport - Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo - 4 countries in 3 days, 2 capitals (Skopje and Pristina), 2 large cities (Prizren is the second largest in Kosovo, Nis is third one in Serbia). This great Balkan tour will help you understand why Macedonia is Northern Macedonia, why Yugoslavia fell apart and what caused so many troubles in Kosovo. The Balkans used to be a barrel full of dry gunpowder, now discover this beautiful and unexplored area before the others!

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Super Tour (3 days)                                                                        from 229 € per person

Why Super Tour of Bulgaria? Because you are going to see super places in just 3 days (2 nights): Bachkovo Monastery, Plovdiv, Kazanlak Thracian Tombs, Shipka Monument, Dryanovo Monastery, Veliko Tarnovo, Arbanassi. This Bulgaria guided tour will make a loop and cross Stara planina mountain range and will show all the listed above Bulgarian attractions and you will have the chance to watch the unique Sound and light show over the Tsarevets hill...

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Bulgaria in 4 days                                                                         from 249 € per person

This tour will save you the long distance drive to the Black Sea, but will show you all most visited sights in the western part of Bulgaria.They offer you a great variety of Ancient, Medieval and contemporary cultural and historical places of interest:

Sofia, Boyana Church, Rila Monastery, Melnik; Bansko and Plovdiv; Thracian Tomb (Kazanlak), Veliko Tarnovo; Troyan Monastery, Koprivshtitsa.

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Bulgaria in 5 days (including Black Sea)                                             from 349 € per person

The tour is designed for all energetic people that are passionate travelers and would like to make the most out of their days. We believe that our tour will give you 100% pure essence injection of Bulgaria beauty in only 5 days. It is a long list of sightseeing places in Bugaria, but there will be no rush because of our experienced guides: Sofia, Koprivshtitsa, Thracian Tomb (Kazanlak), Shipka, Veliko Tarnovo, Arbanassi, Varna, Balcik, Kaliakra, Nessebar,  Plovdiv ...

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Bulgaria in 7 days (including Black Sea)                                             from 499 € per person

Our travel specialists created this wonderful round-trip tour of Bulgaria for 7 days (6 nights) to leave you a lifetime memorable souvenir. The places and monuments you are going to visit will be explored in depth and you will learn a lot from our expert guides in history and geography. Here is a list of most tourist and off-the-beaten-track places you will see : Sofia, Boyana church, Rila Monastery, Bansko, Dobarsko, Perperikon, Plovdiv, Backovo Monastery, Koprivshtitsa, Veliko Tarnovo, Arbanassi, Varna, Balcik, Kaliakra cape, Nessebar.

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Romania and Bulgaria Tour (9 Days)                                                 from 599 € per person

Bulgaria and Romania combined tour for busy and thirsty for knowledge travelers. We will be happy to show you the best from both countries, both of them on the Balkans and neighboring, yet so different and typical with their own people, customs, traditions, architecture and history.

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Bulgaria Great Tour (12 Days)                                                          from 699 € per person

"Fabulous beaches, balmy weather, pretty historic towns and friendly people. Bulgaria is an intruiguing destination", is written in Rough Guide's recommendation for Top 10 countries to visit in 2014. We are happy to offer you a great tour of Bulgaria, which will show you all the beautiful spots and some more places, that only our local guides know...

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Quick Request For Package Tour

After Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007, our country became more popular for tourists and independent travelers both from other EU citizens and from all over the world. More guide books exist now, many travel web portals give good advises  where and what can be seen here. But here you have access to a Bulgarian travel agency that has more knowledge than any guide book... And also why pay for a tour with many people when you can book your private or small group tour with us for the same price?

 In addition to this we would like to express also our opinion on visiting Bulgaria:

  • Sofia is a nice, relaxed and friendly capital, but unfortunately it does not offer attractions for more than 2-3 days.  In addition, accommodation is generally more expensive than  the countryside.
  • Choosing Sofia as a base for exploring Bulgaria is quite restricting and will require sitting in a car for many hours. The roads are generally slow and there will be a very limited number of attractions you can see on a day tour.
  • Although public transportation is fairly well developed, trains are generally slow and not recommended, exploring the country by car is the best way to reach some well-hidden gems, unspoiled nature and mountains, old villages and touch 19th century rural life.
  • Bulgaria is not place where you will see unforeseen tourist attractions, striking mankind achievements and stunning natural phenomena, but Bulgaria  will offer you charming hospitality, unspoiled rural life, great variety of nature and scenery, organic food, fun singing and dancing and some real historical and archaeological gems.
  • Your money in Bulgaria will last longer in Bulgaria than any other European country.
  • Opting for a guided round-trip tour in Bulgaria with personal guide may result in saving some money along the way and generally getting a lot more for your money.
Book one of our package tours or fill our Custom Tour Request or Custom Walking Tour Request form and we promise you to spend many beautiful moments with us! This is the easiest travel planner ever: send us a request and we will save your time and money with an itinerary, designed to suit your special wishes and needs.