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Nis Day Tour

NIS Overview

Niš is the third largest city in Serbia (former Yugoslavia) and it is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans and Europe, and from ancient times has been considered a gateway between the East and the West. It was named Navissos by the Scordisci in 279 BC, after an invasion of the Balkans. The city was among several taken in the Roman conquest in 75 BC. The Romans built the Via Militaris in the 1st century, with Naissus being one of its key towns; it is also the birthplace of Constantine the Great, the first Christian Emperor and the founder of Constantinople, and Constantius III and Justin I. It is home to one of the oldest churches in Serbia, dating to the 4th century, located in the suburb of Mediana.

Your Day in Niš (Serbia)

The tour to NIS from Sofia is becoming more popular especially for people that have already explored Bulgaria or for people that would be happy to add a Serbian stamp in their passport without having to check-out from their hotel in Sofia. NIS is a nice and relaxed city with a beautiful river crossing it in the middle, some fortress remains, shopping street and nice gardens. The road is very scenic through a river gorge. 

Upon our arrival in Niš we will first visit the famous Cele Kula (Skull Tower NIS) where you will learn about the atrocities of the Turks against the Serbs and you will see a unique in the world monument for the sacrifice of Serbian revolutionaries. The second important archaeological site in Niš is Medijana. This Roman estate exhibits the remains of a granary, craft centre, villas , thermae, and the remains of ancient villa with with rich mosaics. Most mosaics exhibit geometrical or floral motifs, while two mosaics presenting figures - the head of the Medusa and a semi-prostrate figure of a river deity (probably Neptune). The museum contains sculptures and portraits of Roman gods and goddesses, utensils for daily use (bowls, pitchers, lamps) and remnants of lead pipes used to provide healing hot water from the nearby Niska Banja (Nis Spa). Please note that Mediana is often closed for renovations and in exchange we might visit the Archeological Exhibition in Nis holding some of the most interesting findings from the actual site.

After these two visits you will have some free time to walk around the central square and have some famous Serbian grill or other lunch. At 15:00h we will drive to Niš Concentration Camp - a small but very authentic concentration camp set by the Germans during World War 2 to imprison and kill Jews, Romas and other minorities. We leave back to Sofia around 16:00h and expect to arrive around 18:30h. 

Please note: museums are not open on Mondays and Medijana may not be open during the winter!

Start: 8:30/End: 18:30h

Recommended period: All year round;

Important: Museums are closed on Mondays and the tour is not available! Medijana is closed for restoration works.

Driving time: 5h 00m approx.

Walking time: 2h 30m approx.

Handicap accessible: Fairly accessible

Special requirements: Valid passport or ID card for cross-border check in Serbia. Visa may be required, please check before you book.

WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY SPECIAL fixed PRICE  49 Eur per person*!


1 person

2 persons

3 persons

4-8 persons

           9-18 persons


 139 Eur / 272 BGN

 79 Eur per person 155 BGN

 69 Eur per person 135 BGN

59 Eur per person 115 BGN

49 Eur per person 95 BGN

             The tour price includes: transfer to/from your hotel/accommodation in Sofia, guide in English, parking fees, entrance fees. Meals and personal expenses not included. Small group tour. Private option +30%. Children (1-16yrs) 20% discount.

*Minimum number of people to confirm the tour not later than 48 hours before the tour: 3 persons. In case the tour is cancelled, all bookings are entitled to a full refund.

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