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Kukeri Festival 25-26 January 2020

Pernik Kukeri Festival Overview

Pernik is a town located about 30 km from Sofia and for many years has been known as the steel industry hearth of Bulgaria.

Festival “Surva” is an international event combining Folklore mask traditions from the whole Balkan Peninsula and also some countries form Central and Western Europe. This traditional fest is supposed to keep the evils away from us. The masked people are named Kukeri, men in elaborate costumes who perform traditional rituals intended to scare away evil spirits. The costumes cover most of the body and include decorated wooden masks of animals (sometimes double-faced) and large bells attached to the belt. Around New Years' and before Lent, the kukeri walk and dance through villages to scare away evil spirits with their costumes and the sound of their bells. They are also believed to provide a good harvest, health, and happiness to the village during the year.

Participants in this festival of the good are more than 5000 people from more than 70 countries. Despite the dances, rituals and competition between the different groups, the event will give you the chance to see many craftsmen, try very delicious typical Bulgarian kitchen and taste our famous wine.

This year’ festival 17th edition will begin on January 26th and will continue until January 31st when a special ceremony for awarding the best groups will take place. This tour will remain in your memory as an unforgettable experience.  


Your Day In Pernik /January 25th - 26th 2020/

We start the day from Sofia at 9:00 and have a 45 min drive to Pernik.

At 10:00 kukeri begin their parade and you will enjoy the kukeri performances (each group of kukeri will have their own performance).

Pernik main square will be the scene for many local dances, singing and performance in traditional costumes. The performances are different every day. There will be singing, dancing and roses all over the town!

There are many craft shops where you can see or buy different hand made objects and places to eat where you will certainly enjoy Balkan grill and pickled salads - gherkins, cabbage, peppers, green tomatoes etc. Of course you should not miss to try Bulgarian ketchup called lutenitsa but much tastier, garnished with red wine!

We will then drive back to Sofia and return around 18:00.

Join our small group tour with a professional English speaking guide for only 29 € per person!

Start: 9:00/End: 18:00h

Valid period: 26-27 January 2019

Driving time: 2h 00m approximately

Walking time: 3h 00m approximately

Handicap accessible: Yes, fairly accessible

Special requirements: Comfortable shoes

Price: 29 € / 57 BGN per person

The tour price includes: transfer from and to your hotel/accommodation in Sofia, guide in English, parking fees. Personal expenses, meals and drinks are not included. 

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