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V travel day combined day tours depart from Sofia daily and offer people with limited time a quick escape to the relaxing and beautiful countryside of Bulgaria allowing a visit of 2 or more major sites in one day.

Our combined day tours are still informative but require a fast pace so that we can keep the schedule for the day.

There is an option for private tour with private guide upon request and based on availability and 30% extra payment.

Koprivshtitsa and Chavdar Neolithic Village Tour                 Prices: from 35 Eur per person

Koprivshtitsa is a charming historical town with many 19th century houses and lots of history from the Revival and 1876 Revolution periods. It offers great possibilities for beautiful photographs and nice walks. 

Starosel is an ancient Thracian Temple where you can learn more about this well-developed  civilization that lived in our lands 4-5th century BC, a rival to the Ancient Greek civilsation and a culture that left numerous golden artifacts and precious objects.

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 Plovdiv and Bachkovo Monastery Tour                             Prices: from 35 Eur per person

This must-see city is a beautiful walk through time -  Antiquity, Roman times, Medieval Monastery, 19th century  gorgeous architecture and modern center. You will visit the Monastery kitchen in Bachkovo, the Ethnographical museum, a typical house in Plovdiv old town and the Roman Theater. The second largest city in Bulgaria is also known for the artistic capital with its numerous painters, poets and musicians.

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 Plovdiv and Wine Cellar Tour                                           Prices: from 45 Eur per person

Among many places to visit in Bulgaria, Plovdiv is a must see place with a history of more than 8000 years of history. It offers a large variety of historical monuments - Roman theater, stadium and arena, charming old cobble-street town and fascinating new central part looking forward to beeing the European Capital of Culture in 2019. Top up (or cool down) your Plovdiv visit with an authentic wine cellar in a nearby village, a place we are all in love with!

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 Kazanlak and Koprivshtitsa Tour                                    Prices: from 39 Eur per person

Visit some beautiful Revival 19th century houses in Koprivshtitsa (they will tell you all about the revolution against the Ottomans) and set off to Shipka to experience the victory of Bulgarians and Russians 2 years later - the glory of the victims is well honored when you see the memorial church in Shipka village. Afterwards go back in time to learn about the Thracians that occupied our lands 5th-3rd century BC.

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Rila Monastery and Seven Rila Lakes                     Prices: from 59 Eur per person

Combine a good walking tour of the most famous Seven Rila Lakes where you can test your photography skills, test your physical condition and enjoy high-altitude views and blue skies with a visit to one of the most important UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria - the Monastery of St. Ivan RIlski from the 10th century.

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 Lost Bulgarian History Tour                                   Prices: from 39 Eur per person

Our new tour is for enthusiasts that are interested to learn Bulgaria's lost recent communist industrial, military and war history. This day tour from Sofia will take you to nearby towns of Slivnitsa, Pernik and Radomir where you will visit abandoned military division barracks, one of the three quartzite monuments in the world, one of the three coal mine museums and the largest factory ever built on the Balkans, a factory for factories opened in 1986 and never reached its capacity... 

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