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Balkan Loop Tour: Sofia - Nis - Skopje - Thessaloniki (4 Days)

4 countries in 4 days...

Nis Overview 

Nis is a big city in Serbia. It has a very long history and important role in the events on the Balkans. Established by the Thracians, developed by the Romans as Nissus, situated on Via Diagonalis road and it is the birthplace of Constantin the Great. The history of the city is going trough Bulgarian, Ottoman and finaly Serbian period. All of the stages are still visible and put you in a time machine. The highlights of Nis are Mediana, Roman villa, connected with Constantin's family, The Skull tower, built and decorated with human skulls by the Ottomans after an uprising against them, the fortress and a Nazi concentration camp. Also Serbians are famous with there meat cook.  

Skopje Overview 

Skopje is the capital of Macedonia and it is perfect place to see how history is used to create identity. The town was inhabited since the Prehistorical times. It was a military Roman camp, but it's flourishing moments ware during the Bulgarian kingdom. It was our capital between 972-992. It was part of the Byzantine empire and between 1081 and 1088 was conquered by the Normans. Now Skopje has a monumental new city center, which is making interesting combination with the old parts of the town. The highlights that you will be able to visit are : The Medieval fortress, the old cozy streets, the house museum of Mother Theresa and other. 

Thessaloniki Overview 

Thessaloniki is the second most important city in Greece and one of the biggest ports in Europe. It was established by King Cassander Macedon in 315 BC. and named it after his wife Thessalonike, half sister of Alexander The Great. From that moment the city became main center in the area. During the Roman period it was the main trade port between Rome and the East. The city survived the Great Migration and remained the second city after Constantinople. After the fourth Crusade it was an independent empire until 1230 when it was submitted by the Bulgarians. One of the first education institution in Europe was established there - School of Thessaloniki, established 1330 and still operating as a primary school. The importance of the city remained during the Ottoman empire and was a main battlefield during the Balkan Wars. Today's city center's design was fulfilled in 1917 after a major fire. Now is a great vivid area, full with taverns and bars, which can guarantee a nice experience. 

Your 4 Days Balkan Journey : 

Day 1: We begin our tour at 8:00 from Sofia with a relaxed scenic drive along the Balkan range (Stara planina or Old mountain) to the border and in about 2 hours we reach the beautiful historic town of Nis. We will explore the city's heritage and we will have lunch in a local restaurant in the old part - great home made food and grill specialty. After that we will continue to Macedonia's capital Skopje and overnight there. 

Day 2: On the next morning after a good breakfast we will pay a visit to Skopje's center and highlights. After a nice lunch we will proceed our trip to explore one of the most beautiful gorge in Europe - Matka gorge. Optional is to hire a boat and have 1 hour journey by it in the canyon. This will give you a chance to reach and explore a beautiful cave. After that the boat we will bring you back, close to the parking area. We will spend time to enjoy the nature and back to Skopje (40 minutes driving). 

Day 3: After breakfast we will leave in direction of Thessaloniki. Our firs stop will be at an astonishing tomb, which is considered to be the tomb of Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great. Despite his grave goods you will see other tombs of the complex and learn how the ancient Macedonians took care of their dead. After we finish with it we will go to the historical center of Thessaloniki, where we will visit, if you are interested in, the archaeological museum, where you will gain a lot of knowledge about the Macedonian dynasty and the flourishing Helenistic civilization. We will spend the rest of the day and the night In Thessaloniki.

Day 4: In the morning we will start out journey back to Bulgaria. On the way we can stop and see one of Bulgaria's UNESCO sites - Rila Monastery. This is the most visited place in our country and it is really worthy. After that we have 2 hours drive back to Sofia. 

Start: 8:00/End: 18:00h on the 4th day

Recommended period: All year round

Driving time: 12h 00m approximately

Walking time: 4h 30m approximately

Handicap accessible: Yes, fairly accessible

Special requirements: Comfortable shoes


1 person

2 persons

3 persons

4-8 persons

           9-18 persons


999 € / 2546 BGN

699 € per person 1566 BGN499 € per person 1076 BGN449 € per person 978 BGN399 € per person 782 BGN

             The tour price includes: transfer to/from your hotel/accommodation in Sofia, guide in English, parking fees, entrance fees, nights in double room in 3 stars hotels in Skopje and Thessaloniki (priority locations are in the old parts of the cities). Personal expenses, tips, meals (except breakfast) and  hotel upgrade are not included. Small group tour. Private option +30%. Children (1-16yrs) 20% discount.

Guaranteed departures in 2019 for  499 € or less per person:

May 16 - May 19, 2019

June 01 - June 04, 2019

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