V Travel Ltd. - Professional guided tours in Bulgaria

Right in the heart of the Balkan pennisula, Bulgaria offers a great possibility to explore most of the Balkan countries on a single trip. Although the roads are generally slow, it is also difficult to find direct flights around here and V Travel Ltd. has brought many tourists to and from Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, and Albania as well in the last few years. Traveling by road also allows you to better see the cultures, villages and to better understand the ethnic minorities and sources of conflicts.

All of us from V travel Ltd., we love exploring new places and we are sure you also do! We will be happy to do so together.

Below we have a sample Balkan Tour to combine some of the highlights of the Balkans, but we will be happy to offer you a tailored tour according to the destinations you wish to reach, the flights you have booked or the number of countrie syou wish to put on your list. Please feel free to drop as an E-mail at info@vtravel.bg or fill in the quick questionnaire at the bottom.